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Significant Challenges in Education

This is the second in a series of blogs on some significant issues in education in the US. It is about the “teacher shortage” in the US. Why did I put that in quotes? Well, because if you look at the literature and follow the media, and if you talk to teachers and to politicians, […]

Challenges in Education 2017 Beyond

Today I am starting a series of blogs on some significant issues in the US. Education of our youth as this has been a topic of conversation across the board and the newly released Federal Budget promises to add more fuel to what has become a fiery issue. Since colonial times, Americans have had some […]

Math- You Can’t Just Love It or Leave It

Somewhere, back in the deep, dark reaches of our memories, lies that most scary of monsters. It causes nightmares, even when we’re grown up. It triggers waves of fright and anxiety. It is our most terrible memory of our school years. The MATH problem! Boo! OK, I hope I didn’t cause any heart attacks out there. […]

Executive Skills Blog Series – 4

In this discussion of Executive Skills, we’ll take a look at just what these skills are, what ES weaknesses look like and some strategies for managing and teaching them. Peg Dawson, Ed.D, with whom we are working to develop this new program, gives examples of what they are exactly and how they help us move […]

Executive Skills Blog Series – 3

In last month’s blog, Part 2 of our Executive Skills series, I promised some more definitions. Here they are. But don’t skip this Part 3 just because I used the word “definition”…it contains important information. The first important bit of material I want to get into is Barkley’s Theory of ADHD. (Here’s a bio of this distinguished psychologist: […]

Executive Skills Blog Series – 2

This is the second in a series on Executive Skills, a new program that New England Tutors is offering. Peg Dawson, Ed.D is working with us on the program. First of all, what are Executive Skills? I’ll let Peg give the definition, since it is so “right on the money.”  “What are executive skills? Executive skills […]

Executive Skills Blog Series – 1

“Teach them to fish and they’ll eat for a lifetime.” This phrase came to mind as we were making preparations for our new offering at New England Tutors – Executive Skills Coaching. “Teach them how to learn” was one of the first concepts we had in mind as we started. Yes, we have been very […]

No Choice: They Are Both Important

If you live near a high school, you’ve probably already heard the marching bands practicing, the skirmishes in football, and maybe even the activities on the soccer and lacrosse fields. School is open, the teams are working and the spirit is soaring.

Summer Options for Campers with Alternative Needs

For families and their children with disabilities or special needs, all they want is for people to see them as individuals. Not as the child with Cerebral Palsy, or the child with Down Syndrome, or whatever the disability or special need maybe. Whatever challenges they must face. It is only part of who they are.

Why Not Consider a Private School?

Don’t get me wrong, public schools are exactly the right place for many students. I know from experience, and from the work we at NE Tutors do all over the region. But sometimes, and for a lot of reasons, a private school environment might suit your child better. But…the COST (in capital letters!). Way out […]

Education Choices in New Hampshire

Today, parents have more choices than ever before with regards to their student’s education. At New England Tutors we have been able to closely observe the variety of different educational environments and the advantages/disadvantages they all bring across a range of situations.

The Critical Role of Reading Non-Fiction

Did you know that the average child in the United States spends roughly 8 1/2 hours a day watching TV, listening to music, and playing video games, but less than 4 minutes a day reading nonfiction? Nonfiction texts prepare students to think logically, analyze data, and discuss complex and controversial issues. In particular, students need to read and comprehend informational texts as often—and as fluently—as they do narrative texts.

New Course in Social Competency of Health Education

New England Tutors, under the professional guidance of our special education program director, Cindy Ziobrowski, has created a new class for parents of ASD children and those with social skills deficits. To be started in October of this year, this class is designed with the particular needs of this population and their parents in mind. If you are the parent of a special needs child, you know the need for directed help in certain areas, health education being one of the most important.

A No-stress Back to School Experience

Some important information from Cindy Ziobrowski, MS Ed. Back to school time is a transition, and can be stressful for any child, particularly for some children with disabilities. In most circumstances, there are many things parents can do to make the transition less stressful. I’ve created a ‘to do’ list to help you begin the […]

Rethinking the College Admissions Process

A recent New York Times article drew attention to the fact that College admissions are getting exponentially harder and that despite exceptional standardized test scores and a decent admission essay, many still receive rejection letters from schools they SHOULD have gotten in to. The million dollar question is why?

Financial Planning for your Special Needs Child

Over the past several days New England Tutors has hosted four Chamber of Commerce workshops and a free Mock SAT as part of celebrating “Back to School Preparedness Week”. Held at both the Dover and the Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, the “Financial Planning for your Special Needs Child: Planning to Meet a Lifetime of Needs” workshop went exceedingly well.

Back to School Preparedness Week

We believe that a “Back to School Preparedness Week” creates one more tool parents and students can use to ensure that education stays foremost in the minds of our citizenry and institutions. We have always maintained that education is not an event or a task or even a chore, but an ongoing process that strengthens us all, thus strengthening our families, communities, state, and country.

An update on Camp CARD NE!

Earlier this year we posted about The Center for Autism and Related Disabilities New England (CARDNE) and include some great information regarding their Summer Camp Program – CAMP CARD NE, which offers experiences uniquely designed for children with autism spectrum disorder.  Cindy, the Executive Director of CARDNE, recent posted a summary of their previous week and we wanted […]

US Students Reach 80% Graduation Rate

Good news hit the US media outlets on April 28th. A study showed that over 80% of high school students in the US graduated on time this year. For the first time in U.S. history the nation’s high school graduation rate rose above 80 percent, according to the 2014 Building a GradNation: Progress and Challenge in […]

Summer Learning Loss

Summer Learning Loss is a topic so important to some parents and educators that it has its own article in Wikipedia. Research is also showing that Summer Learning Loss is strongly correlated to a student’s socio-economic status. Low-income children, generally in the primary grades, experience greater losses over the summer vacation than do their middle-income peers. That there is a problem is not under debate. How to fix the problem is another story.

A Great Resource for Autism & Related Disabilities

Below is information from Cindy Ziobrowski MS Ed., Executive Director CARDNE. The Center for Autism and Related Disabilities New England (CARDNE) is a worthwhile program that anyone who has a child or friend with autism or a related disability should look into. And the camp that is described, along with their new work experience program, is high […]

Read Across America

“When parents, educators, librarians, and mentors read with children, they give a gift that will nourish souls for a lifetime. Today, Americans young and old will take time to get lost in a story and do their part to cultivate the next generation of talent and intellect.” — President Barack Obama Today is Read Across […]

Mock SAT a success at Oyster River High School

Dean Graziano and Allison Neal performed New England Tutors 3rd annual mock SAT exam at Oyster River High School this past Saturday February 8, 2014.  Over 45 students participated in hopes of getting a good score.  New England Tutors performs the mock SAT at several local high schools as a complimentary service for the communities […]

Free Frozen Yogurt at Orange Leaf!

New England Tutors is happy to share with you that we’ve partnered with the State Street Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt in Portsmouth, NH to bring your student the opportunity to earn free FROYO as part of their “Ounces for A’s” program! Just share your student’s report card (scan it to us or snap a photo!) and we’ll send you a certificate to receive free yogurt! It’s that easy!

Measuring Intelligence

The subject of how smart someone is has been around for thousands of years, but it was not until Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon in the early 1900’s began developing a written test that…

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