Professional Partners

At New England Tutors’ we strive to make sure that every student is inspired, challenged, and supported at all ages and abilities, and we know that in some cases our tutors will not be able to provide what your student needs. Some things are just best left to other professionals! As part of our commitment to all of our students we have Professional Relationships with other service providers in and around our community. Below you will find information about our professional partners and what they offer.

Professional Partners 

NESCA is well-known and widely acknowledged as one of the finest private Pediatric Neuropsychology practices and integrative treatment centers in New England, the educational hub of the United States. We have offices in Londonderry, New Hampshire and Newton, MA.

NESCA is a group practice specializing in the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents with complex special needs. We provide thorough and accurate diagnostic testing and evaluation of learning and developmental disorders, including ASD, for children as young as 18 months through adolescence.

NESCA’s staff is comprised of senior neuropsychologists and other skilled clinicians with decades of collective experience at the highest levels to provide assessment, treatment, coaching, school recommendations and therapy.

What We Offer:

  • Post-Secondary Transition Assessment and Consultation
  • School-Based Consultations and participation in IEP and TEAM meetings •
  •  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  •  Anxiety Treatment Programs
  •  Therapeutic Yoga and Acupuncture
  •   Community-Based Training and Coaching to Schools and Families

75 Gilcreast Road, Suite 305, Londonderry, NH  Tel: 603 818.8526

55 Chapel Street, Suite 202, Newton, MA  Tel: 617 658.9800


PEAK College Consulting
PEAK College Consulting, an independent educational consulting firm, believes in their motto, Think Big, Reach High, Achieve More… together. They follow this motto as they work with students and families to show them their limitless opportunities.

This journey is about your student and their college planning experience!  With gentle guidance, expert knowledge, and a pledge to go above and beyond, PEAK will personalize the journey for you and more importantly, your student. We know how to “speak” to teens and connect at a level that is important in order for students to trust us.

They offer 3 packages


Find out more:


Peg Dawson
Peg Dawson has enjoyed a long and distinguished career since earning her doctor of education degree from the Curry School in 1978. It has been characterized by a successful practice as a school psychologist in both public and private settings but also by years of professional leadership at the state, national, and international levels. For the past 19 years, she has been in private practice at the Center for Learning and Attention Disorders in Portsmouth with fellow Curry alumnus Richard Guare (Ph.D. ’82). What she is most proud of is the two books she has written with Guare (Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents and Smart but Scattered).

You can learn more about Peg at


Alison Forbes, M.ED., College Advisor

Alison Forbes, M.Ed., is a seasoned professional with a personal approach. After years in admissions and teaching, her work is student-centered, dynamic and strategic. Alison develops relationships that encourage students to take ownership of the college process as she guides them every step of the way. Her positive, energetic and supportive approach helps students feel successful every time they talk with her. 

You can learn more about Alison at


Susan Cowan Morse, Educational Coaching & Consulting

In this day and age with so many different labels from learning disabilities to AD/HD to autism, the truth lies not in the label but in the strategies and skills one has for thriving and enjoying life. This perspective allows me to work with clients of all ages from a strength-based approach which allows for much greater success. My goal is to help clients learn how to unlock their gifts and leverage these talents by learning and using life skills, learning strategies and organizational tools as well as developing greater self-awareness.

You can learn more about Susan at


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