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No two students are alike, and therefore New England Tutors develops an individualized plan to help your student reach their fullest potential. We incorporate any work already done on an IEP or 504 plan. We can start from scratch for those looking for enrichment or gifted programs.


New England Tutors - Best Tutors in New HampshireWith You Every Step of the Way

Achieving personal goals is unique to each individual. We celebrate your diversity and embrace your challenges as our own. We promise to stay with you and change as your goals change to achieve ultimate satisfaction. Whether mainstream, gifted, learning challenged, brain injury recovery or unmotivated, we have the experience to make a difference!

Another Great Experience

I feel as though I can’t thank you enough for your service and your attention to detail. For Martin you chose 2 excellent people to help him understand math concepts.

Christian is such a great match for Martin. I feel like they have developed a great relationship that has made their sessions even more successful. My goal has always been for Martin to understand the concepts, not earn an A. As they have worked together I’ve watched my son change the way he looks at his time with Christian. He looks forward to his time with him, because he has faith that Christian will help him. Yesterday Martin actually had a plan for how they could best use their time. Time which was scheduled during Christian’s Spring Break. They were able to review and make sense of a recent test. At the end their work was not finished and Christian made a tentative plan with us to meet during his school day as we’ll be on vacation. It is clear that Christian is invested in helping Martin to understand the math concepts. He has also given him tips for test taking like writing a formula on the top of the test as a reference. Christian is everything I could hope for as a tutor for my son.

It is ultimately you, Allison who made this connection happen. You have great great people and you listened carefully as I described my son as a student. You then took that information and found great fits for him.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Deedra, Dover NH

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Get some great learning toys and support a local charity, Camp CARD NE. Click here…
Get some great learning toys and support a local charity, Camp CARD NE. Click here…..
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