Special Attention - Overview

Special Attention
Every one of our students is unique and deserve the opportunity to reach their potential. We work with a network of the most talented educators in New Hampshire that are passionate about the tireless work they do with those with special challenges.

Let New England Tutors become an advocate for your student’s education. We will work hand in hand with an IEP or help you get an IEP or 504 plan in place if needed. We collaborate with the school and your team of educators to ensure our program enhances and complements the school’s.

Call us and tell us your story. We can help build skills, fill in the missing gaps, or maintain over the summer months.

New England Tutors works successfully with: LD, EM, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, EFD, and IEP/504 Plans.

Social Skills Camps

Camp CARD NE is:

A social enrichment program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder for children ages 5-18

Children and adolescences diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders including Asperger Syndrome, demonstrate deficits in communication, sensory processing abilities, social skills, social emotional learning, and social activity.  The social enrichment program provides a safe and encouraging place for children to build confidence in their abilities, acquire strategies for coping with social and emotional challenges, and learn how to connect with their peers.

Art, sensory, and social development activities are designed to match the unique strengths and needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Self-esteem and social confidence are boosted at camp due to the relaxed and accepting environment. Friendships and lifelong memories are formed.

Outcomes from Camp

  •  To learn critical social/emotional skills in a small, safe, structured and secure environment with trained supportive counselors
  • An opportunity for child to be a part of a larger community
  • Child can build self-esteem by making a meaningful contribution to the community
  • Strengthening the family’s capacity to access community resources and become strong self-advocates


Executive Function Disorder (EFD)

New England Tutors presents Evidence-based Executive Skills Coaching  in collaboration with Dr. Peg Dawson to  help students whose academic performance is suffering due to deficits in executive skills, including time and task management, planning, organization, impulse control, and emotional regulation. In just a few minutes a day, Academic Coaches can provide crucial support and instruction tailored to individual students’ needs. Executive Skills Coaches teach students a system for keeping track of assignments and due dates while developing the crucial executive skills needed to succeed in school and beyond. Students are guided and supported to build a daily study plan, manage their time, set short- and long-term goals, study for tests, and record their successes. They also get tools for evaluating their own executive skills in order to target their weaknesses and capitalize on strengths.By introducing the concept of “recognizing how to learn by understanding the process of learning”, Executive Skills Coaches reach far beyond other student support services.

Family Advocacy Services

  • How to navigate the Special Education Process
  • Consultation for Child Services: Serving as liaison between parent and school
  • Coaching Executive Functioning Skills for the disorganized child
  • Home program design

Academic Tutoring and Mentoring

  • All subjects and all levels
  • Study skills, time management, organizational skills
  • Remedial, advanced, gifted and talented programs
  • Summer study programs

Awaken the Scholar (AWS)

New England Tutors presents The Awaken the Scholar Within Programs, a fundamental cognitive training plus basic skills learning such as reading, writing, spelling, math, and learning skills. Awaken the Scholar Within Programs address the underlying root cause of learning problems and at the same time teach you the basic skills of learning: phonics, spelling, reading fluency, comprehension, writing, study skills, and math skills. We help you create an environment for the brain to build the skills it needs for effectively learning new skills.

We are able to do this by addressing the underlying root causes of learning (see brain research) and the concept of neuroplasticity, the idea that the brain can reorganize itself and change and make more neuro connections daily, is what allows Awaken the Scholar Within (ASW) Programs to effectively change the way the brain functions to perform at its maximum capacity.


New England Tutors does not view ADD and ADHD as a disability, but as a unique ability that should be more openly embraced in the education community.  Our tutors will work with your student to enhance executive functioning skills such as study skills, note taking and quiz/test study planning, project planning and weekly homework planning.  These are skills that students will use and carry with them for the rest of their lives and New England Tutors is here to work with them every step of the way.

School District Services and Professional Development

  • Special Education In-service/Workshop/Professional Development
  • Consultation services to teachers, case managers, administration
  • Training and direct instruction for Paraprofessionals
  • All services can be customized to meet the private school setting
  • Check out our Executive Skills Coaching for Educators course!

IEP Consultation

A one hour, one on one consultation to help parents strategize and address IEP concerns. Conversation may include IEP and School issues, executive functioning challenges, behavior, communicating within the family, sibling and parent relationship building, anxiety and stress reduction.

ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) Services

Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) is a type of therapy that uses a system of rewards and consequences to teach new skills and replace undesirable behaviors with desirable behaviors. Research has shown that ABA is a successful therapy to use for children with autism*, but the theory can be applied to children with other behavioral and learning issues.

New England Tutors currently offers:

  • Functional Behavioral Assessments
  • Behavioral Support Plans
  • Individual and Family Therapy (ABA)
  • Educational Consultations
  • Inclusion Support
  • Intensive home-based services


Health Education Classes

New England Tutors hosts Health Education Classes for students with Social Skills Deficits (Autism, Asperger’s, Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities).   Under the professional guidance of our special education program director, Cindy Ziobrowski, this course is designed with the particular needs of this population and their parents in mind. If you are the parent of a special needs child, you know the need for directed help in certain areas, health education being one of the most important.

You can learn more about the structure of this course here, and find course dates and registration information on our Registration page!