Our Families Love Us!

After our last SAT Power Night some of our students left us the below feedback! We genuinely appreciate hearing such positive reactions from our students and love knowing they go into their tests well prepared.

This session was extremely helpful and I feel so much better about Saturday’s test. I loved Dean’s enthusiasm and delivery and definitely learned a lot of helpful tips. I actually think I’ll improve now!
OMG I would totally recommend this course! I learned some great tips!
Dean was awesome – thank you so much! The course was fantastic, Dean was not boring and his style made learning the SAT fun!

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Charlotte will most definitely be ending the year on a high note, with an eye towards the future and excitement about moving onto 6th grade.  We are so grateful to Deb Moskevitz and the time and effort she gave to Charlotte over the last two years!  She really helped Charlotte change her whole mindset about Math, giving her a renewed sense of purpose and confidence in the subject.  She helped erase deficiencies she had, and even pushed her to do (and even want to do!) more challenging work.  We were not willing to say goodbye to her, but rather see you later – with the hope that we can contact you/her should future Math challenges arise.  Charlotte is going to Derryfield next year, so we shall see!

Stacy, Newfield’s, NH

Just wanted to let you know that Michael just received his scores for the May SAT test:  790 math, 700 verbal (including a 7/8 on the essay).

We were particularly thrilled with the growth in math score from Michael’s PSATs (680) to SATs (790), and appreciative that Don was flexible in his approach. He was able to focus on the questions with which Michael had the most difficulty on the PSATs and practice tests, and provide him with strategies for solving similar problems. The results were terrific.  Hoping you have a great summer.

Best regards,
Laurie, West Newbury, MA

I just wanted to let you both know that Ben was admitted early to his first-choice school – Wesleyan University – in December! He looked at a lot of places and ultimately decided that what he’d most like to do is major in science/math/engineering but do it at a strong liberal arts school. Wesleyan was a reach – it is very competitive, and we were all thrilled that he was admitted.

We want to thank you for your support in helping him reach his goal. I am certain that his 790 scores in both the SAT math and the Math 2 subject tests played a role in his admission. Also, he did very well on the SAT essay and credits Kathy with teaching him the strategy for nailing it.

We are grateful to you both for your help. Now it’s up to Ben to make the most of his good fortune!

~Ruth, Durham NH

The kids felt very comfortable with Deb. She is a pro at making them see the overall picture, finding positive attributes within themselves, setting goals and organizing themselves. We all look forward to working with her and feel the benefits of her support already.

You might remember me from summer SAT tutoring and your SAT Bootcamp, but I just wanted to email you and let you know about all the great news that has happened throughout the school year. I was able to score a 650 on my math section, 640 on my reading and 590 on my writing section during my final SAT test. After sending in my college applications, I am happy to tell you that I received several offers from great schools and I plan to attend Colgate University in the fall. I want to thank you for taking the time to tutor me and I honestly don’t think this could have been possible without your help.


~Estéban in Stratham, NH

I would like to say thank you for everything you have done for Sara and myself. You worked with me on the finances and found a great tutor, Kristine, to work with Sara. Sara has come so far with help from Kristine and as I said before we are genuinely grateful for New England Tutors services. Sara has gone from a C average to an A-!!! Her confidence is higher and her attitude toward math is much more positive now.

Thank you

~Susan in Dover, NH

Hey Dean!  Just wanted to let you know that I got my math scores up from 400 to 540! Thank you so much for all of the help.~Sam P.


I am sorry that I forgot to email you after the SAT on October 11th, but after I got out of the test I felt great! I nailed my essay and finished each section with at least five minutes extra. Anyhow, scores came out today and I went from a 1680 to an 1830 and my essay score rose to an 11! I could not be more thrilled. I really enjoyed taking the prep class with you, and it clearly paid off! Thank you again for all of your help!

Best regards,


Hi there!

The kids’ scores went up like crazy!! Anni’s went up over 200 points, and Cam around 150!! I don’t have Dean’s email, so please pass a long our deep gratitude. I am so glad we signed up with you. Thank you, thank you!!!


Hi Allison,

I wanted to tell you that my son is performing better in school, reading more of his instructions, retaining what he reads and understanding more of his math from the beginning.

Samantha was amazing, and I wanted you to know that. She has a wonderful ability to reach kids and really help them to understand their studies and the process of studying. I am sure anyone of your tutors will be just as fantastic. Having a tutor has proven fantastic for Justin and we would really like it to continue to keep him on top of his studies.

Thank you so much,


I have two kids with two different learning styles, and Dean tutored both of them. I was so relieved when my son came home after his first session with Dean to tell me that “he was amazing” and “really gets kids.” My son actually looked forward to the two hour sessions, because Dean was able to show him how to be successful with concrete ideas for taking the test, and because he used humor to make learning engaging. My daughter, who already had reasonable SAT scores, wanted to try to improve them. She instantly trusted Dean’s techniques and advice, and improved her scores markedly. I have to admit that I was skeptical about whether tutoring was worth it and whether I wanted my kids to endure the stress of more work. I’m so glad we decided to hire New England Tutors, because Dean managed to find ways to help both my kids improve. I would recommend NE Tutors to anyone who asked. We all have peace of mind now.

I just wanted to send you a message to let you know about our recent positive experience with Dean Graziano of New England Tutors.

My daughter took Dean’s six week SAT prep class this past spring at PHS in preparation for the May SAT. As a result of Dean’s thorough review work, tips and strategies, Danielle was able to score over 180 points higher on the May SAT than the mock SAT that she took before the course. She is currently meeting privately with Dean to work on specific skills with a goal of increasing her score further at the October SAT. Our experience has shown us that a higher SAT score can mean more scholarship money which far exceeds the cost of the prep class.

Working with Dean has made Danielle so much more confident and positive about the upcoming test. Anyone who can get a teenager so excited about SAT prep work on a Saturday morning at 9:00 am is truly a remarkable person and Dean is that person.

Thank you for time,


Hi Allison,

Rich and I had to write to you tell you how happy we are with Lisa H.  We are, in fact, so happy with your entire organization.  Dean has been a wonderful tutor, mentor, and friend to Carli.  Lisa has that special and unique capability of understanding Carli’s needs as a student and addressing them in a challenging motivational way which has helped keep Carli on the High Honor Roll all year long!  Most importantly, Lisa makes math fun for Carli – Lisa’s deep understanding of the material allows her to approach the subject in so many different ways to pique Carli’s interest and deepen Carli’s understanding of the material as well.

We have to compliment you on choosing such excellent people to have in your organization.  Dean and Lisa are the best of the best, because they love teaching and care deeply about students’ success.  We have recommended your company to several of our friends.  Keep up the good work and we wish you many years of continued success!


~Gayle and Rich

Our daughter got a perfect score of 800 on the math portion of the SAT in March (up from 680)! She improved in the reading from 620 to 660, and writing 660 to 680…Thank you Allison for suggesting to take the SAT again, before taking on the ACTs, and Cindy for getting her to improve her scores dramatically!!!

~Nancy in Bedford NH

All I can say is “WOW!” My daughter had such a positive experience this morning learning strategies and tips for taking the exam. She is on fire – pretty amazing for a 16 year old who was not too happy about being at school at 9:00am on Saturday! She was impressed with Dean’s sense of humor and knowledge of the ins and outs of the SAT and is so much more confident about the upcoming test. She even realized that she was filling the grid out incorrectly for fractional answers in the math section. She thanked me for signing her up for the review and my only regret is that I didn’t sign my older daughter up for a review class.

~A happy parent

(The sessions) seemed to go well. Maggie likes Lisa and she even told her friends about it which is a good sign with her! Thank you again for attending the meeting yesterday. Some of the questions you asked were things I did not even consider. It really showed how professional and knowledgeable you are about helping kids succeed. I see a light now where before I really did not know what to do or where to go next.

~Karen in Laconia, NH

I just wanted to say thank you for all the help. My English project was a success! She used my project as an example to the class of what she was expecting and she said it was ‘A’ work. So thank you once again.  You were a great help.

~Robbie in Newfield, NH

If you are looking for an SAT or AP US history tutor, Dean Graziano is your man. His passion for the SAT preparatory process in general and the APUSH exam specifically really shines through. Dean goes above and beyond in working with your child in a way that is refreshing, honest and stimulating. Our son is the standard-issue 17-year-old male with a tendency to zone out when it comes to standardized testing and learning how to parse its many secrets. But the delivery of Dean’s test prep information/technique — emphatic, passionate, informative — leaves no room for zoning out. You must listen to Dean. You must heed his advice. You must succeed! Private tutoring has also proven for us to be a more cost effective test prep method than the group instruction offered at many schools, in which our son may have gotten lost among the crowd. One-on-one with Dean there is no place to hide. He insists that our son engage and, in this process, we have seen a real and positive change in our son’s understanding of what it will take to get these odious testing tasks completed successfully!


NE Tutors made a significant impact on my both of my daughters’ academic performance. After several weeks with our tutor they both had a full letter grade improvement, and they both went into class feeling more confident and successful. I would recommend NE Tutors to anyone looking for targeted improvement in their student’s schoolwork.

~Mary Alice in Exeter, NH

Alex is very quiet, shy, and was diagnosed with ADD earlier in the year. So he really needed to find someone special to meet his needs. Allison came and met with Alex one-on-one, tested him, and found the perfect match and level of studies for him. Our tutor was a God send to my son! He always looked forward to her to coming every week and she really got him interested in doing his work. She brought in all kinds of different media for him to work and studied with. Alex still talks about her and how much fun he had working with her. Thanks again to New England Tutors, you helped Alex with his self confidence and pride and in the end a great running start to 2nd Grade.

~Caroline in Hampton, NH

Our son enjoyed working with Dean to prepare for the SAT’s. Dean was able to teach him strategies and identify his weak areas. Dean was also flexible with meeting times and places this was helpful because our son participates in school sports. After each session he communicated with our son about what he needs to work on and what his expectations were for the next session. He also gave our son confidence with his writing skills which has carried over into the classroom. Our son was able to improve his scores due to Dean’s SAT tutoring sessions. I hope Dean is still tutoring in two years when our younger daughter will be preparing for the SAT’s.


I have to give all of the credit to Professor Palmer because he was great. He really helped me decipher the text into a language that I could understand and apply to real life. I know that without his help I would have dropped the class and had no confidence in taking it again and probably looked at changing my career path. I now have the confidence to take me through my future classes… Professor Palmer is a great asset to have to your company and I know that he will be able to help many more students in the future. It has been a great pleasure dealing with the both of you!

~Heather in Dover, NH

I asked Allison to evaluate my daughter…She came to my house and spoke with both of us together and individually, and came up with a manageable plan for tutoring. She hired a personable, competent tutor…who came to a meeting with the administration to assist us in discussion. Allison genuinely cares about her clients.

~Joanne in Chichester, NH

We are so pleased with the progress Alex is making. Alex just had NWEA testing last week. He still needs to finish the writing portion but he had a very positive attitude towards taking the exams. Usually he leaves for school before testing with a worried almost defeated attitude. Not this time. He seemed to think they were good marks because the teacher told him he did a great job. Also, his teacher sent a note home to tell us that Alex worked very hard. That in itself made us extremely pleased. Tonya has had a very positive influence on Alex. I asked him today what he thinks of Tonya. He said he loves her and thinks she the best. He said, “she makes me laugh, mommy”. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we couldn’t be happier. Thank you for sending Tonya to us.

~Paula in Dunbarton, NH

Our goal for Teddy was to get him off his IEP and back into the mainstream classroom. We have achieved our goal. Eric and I would like to thank you for attending Ted’s IEP meeting. We truly appreciate all of your support and care. You certainly go above and beyond. We are blessed to have met you and Scott our tutor. To have such sincere people in all of our lives!

~Debbie in Londonderry, NH

Dean Graziano and the New England Tutors were wonderful to work with – I highly recommend both Dean and the program. New England Tutors was very easy to communicate with and they were willing and able to adjust their program to fit the needs of my group. I am very happy with the service they provided.

Dean is the best – he is able to make the SAT less daunting for kids. The way he breaks down each section gives students both confidence in their abilities as well as tools to strategically improve their scores. Dean relates to the students incredibly well – he is able to make studying for the SAT more interesting for kids. They were always engaged with Dean.

I highly recommend both Dean Graziano and New England Tutors for their superb work.

~Steve Piatelli, Berkshire ’06 – B.A., Harvard University ’10

My experience with Dean / New England Tutors has been quite positive. Dean is truly invested in helping my child realize success. Not only does he stay on course with the task at hand, but he has taken the time to really get to know my child. He takes ownership in seeing that my child is making positive strides while building confidence and knowledge.

~Sara in Rochester, NH

Our tutor came to our home and hit it off with our son. Brigid employed the use of tri-colored dice to help our son to sound out words. At the end of the first session, he was reading simple Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words! I was in the next room and after I heard him reading a few words, I had to come in. I couldn’t believe it – it was literally like a key had unlocked whatever was in his brain and it suddenly made sense to him. I swear I am not lying when I say that I had tears in my eyes. Homework has gone from being an anger-filled hour long process to 15 minutes of quiet time together. He no longer whines in the morning that he doesn’t want to go to school. When he is in the classroom and being taught something new, he is able to refer back to the methods he learned from his tutor.

~Elizabeth in Newfields, NH

I was feeling overwhelmed trying to get my son caught up in his Latin class and to stay current. It was difficult with his schedule to meet with the teacher and sometimes that wasn’t very productive or beneficial. That is when I decided to give one on one tutoring from New England Tutors a try and I have never regretted that decision. He was able to catch up, learn what he had to know plus some. The scheduling was easy and flexible. I liked that there was no minimum number of lessons or pressure. I would highly recommend NE Tutors for the struggling student and/or just the student who wants and/or needs a stronger foundation to move on.

~Lisa in Hampton, NH

Melissa is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. The kids adore her and she is a fantastic teacher. I wish there were more like her. I can’t rave enough about her. Thank you so much for getting her to us. The class and the assignments have all been fantastic.

~Mimi, Quantum Program, Dover, NH

Yes, we loved Dean and we will let you know if we need your services again. Gigi’s grades in math AND science went up. Dean was a nice fit for Gigi, he really explained things in a way she understood. Sometimes she was a little sulky but I know he has had a long career with kids! She really loved him…thanks for everything!

~Roxanne in Barrington, NH

Last year my teenager was a freshman in High School and had a 46 in algebra, at the time of the first progress report. I contacted New England Tutors and we began having 2 or 3 one hour sessions each week to start. By the time report cards came out his grade had gone up to a 77. He had to get a lot of A’s to bring his grade up in such a short time. It made me very happy to see such an improvement. Having a private tutor helped to make the school year much less stressful for my son and for all of us. His tutor was able to connect with him and made him comfortable enough to ask questions and learn. We used the same tutor for assistance with English too. At first I tried to help my son study for English, but this made for a very stressful evening to try and offer help to a teen that was not really listening to anything that I was saying. I will use New England Tutors again if my son is struggling in a subject and have already recommended to others.”

~Ann-Marie in Dover, NH

We’ve completed our last session with James Sophinos. Thank you for matching him with us; he was great. Son Matthew’s comment: “These sections make sense now”; and he did better on his last test. We give James highest marks for his work. He understood not only the material, but also the child. Thank you for your help this year.

~Susan in Exeter, NH

Thank you so much for your help this year with Creighton’s studies. She finished with honor roll and that is great (As and Bs)…. So I think she could have achieved all As if not for the finals. But overall she did well and certainly am happy with report card .Again – thank you for your help and I hope we will see you again when sophomore year starts.

~Bonnie in Exeter, NH

I have to say we absolutely LOVE Beth! She has done such a fantastic job with Julia! She taught Julia more these past few weeks than the school did with months of title 1 math services! Thanks again for your help and sending Beth our way.

~Karen in Manchester, NH

We were looking for SAT tutoring/prep for my 17 year old daughter. Allison has been very thorough from our initial meeting to watching timelines for starting a tutoring schedule in relation to SAT dates. She also had a great meeting with our daughter to assess her initial needs and pair her with a specific tutor. Allison recommended Dean as a tutor for Alexandra. He is a good match with my daughter’s learning style, excellent with his presentation of materials and what she should expect, as well as offering extra tips and sessions to give her the best advantage possible. He is lively, puts an appropriate perspective on the test and offers suggestions on how to prepare. I would highly recommend New England Tutors to any parent or group for their college prep tutoring.

~Susan in Dover, NH

I think Ron is exceptional as far as tutoring goes and Aaron really enjoys working with him. I think Aaron is now starting to see the value of memorization. Ron brought visuals to life for Aaron, & he would have done worse without him. He was in such a funk and Ron was the only shining star during the past few months. Aaron’s self esteem was low. Ron helped him see that he wasn’t stupid. Thank you so much! The tutoring has helped in a number of ways! Glad our paths connected.

~Michelle in Bedford, NH

Kevin and Jared are indeed working very well together. Jared has started the quarter feeling far more confident. He enjoys working with Kevin. Kevin is very patient with Jared but at the same time seems to keep him on task. I would recommend Kevin to others. Jared has done much better on the homework! He got 2 A’s and a B on his last 3 quizzes/tests. Kevin has really done a fantastic job! Thank you for all of your help!

~Tracy in Windham, NH

I had been hearing from Domi how much he liked his tutor and how she “made reading fun!” (What more could we possibly want?) And I finally got to meet her recently and listen in (I was waiting for my husband to get home early so he could watch my two year old). I noticed that he only read out loud for about 10 min of the hour which is definitely not what I expected. BUT it seemed to really work for him and he seems to really benefit from all the exercises she does alongside the reading. And he said he really likes all the time she puts into breaking down the words-which I never would have guessed! So far it has been a great learning experience for all of us and I’m very grateful for it. I think she is perfect for Domi!

~Winter in Newmarket, NH

My husband and I are extremely happy with Dean Graziano as a tutor. Dean has had a huge impact on our daughter’s college applications’ process, including preparation for college exams and strategizing application success. Dean is so much more than a single-subject tutor; he is both a teacher and a college application counselor. His knowledge of the college “marketplace” is remarkable and his business savvy is impeccable.

Dean’s lively tutoring style kept our daughter engaged and eager to accomplish the tasks that Dean set before her. He also staged mock “SAT” test taking so that she could overcome her test-taking anxiety. Her SAT results increased by 20 points on each of her three scores and her essay score improved as well. Her additional SAT Literature Test resulted in a score of 30 points higher than her previous SAT scores!

Dean is the main reason our daughter did so well on her SAT’s, her essays, her college applications, and her college interviews. He knows his business. My husband and I are very fortunate to have had Dean tutor our daughter – he is a tutoring genius!

~Gayle and Richard, Madbury NH

I am very grateful for the opportunity that NE Tutors gave my son this year in Math. He is in advanced math but it was still a challenge for him. James was a great tutor; he went above my expectations as well as NE Tutors. Over the years I have heard so much about these programs and was hesitant to look into it. I am very grateful that I looked past the comments and stereotype of tutors. This was fantastic and it was a very positive opportunity for Nathaniel. Although some days after being in school and then coming home and knowing his tutor would be coming was not always the priority, when James showed up he was very happy. They connected well and I thank you for the match. I will definitely recommend and hope to use your services in the future.

~Jessica in Manchester, NH

Maggie ended up taking an on line math course and with Lisa’s support, did very well. It was a basic math course but it gave her the credit she needed and is graduating this Saturday! I cannot praise Lisa enough for her dedication and support with Maggie. She is an incredible teacher and I feel so lucky we were able to have her come into our home to help Maggie. Maggie is planning on attending NHTI and was accepted into their Addiction Counseling program. She has already taken her placement testing and is ready to go!

~Kathy in Farmington, NH

Alicia is in much better shape than the beginning of the year, but continues to struggle with her panic around writing and extreme difficulty with pressure. She has a much better understanding of her challenges. She got two awards at school today…Outstanding Achievement in Spanish and Most Creative in her Expressions Art class. Marla was an incredible source of support for Alicia. She has done an amazing job in supporting Alicia in believing in herself and her talents and helping her move forward step by step. I really can’t say enough about Marla. “Thanks again for arranging for Marla to work with Alicia again this year. Alicia adores Marla and with Marla’s tremendous coaching, tutoring and support and the help of Alicia’s English teacher et al, Alicia is writing again. So your services are monumental.

~Carol in Dover, NH

Just wanted to let you know how thoroughly impressed we are with Adam’s tutor, Scott. He has very quickly made a strong connection with Adam. Adam works well with him and is very open to his coaching. Scott is very vested in Adam to the point of researching a challenging Algebra problem at home after the tutoring session then sending Adam an e-mail to show him the steps/explanation. We couldn’t ask for more and are very pleased so far.

~Lynn in Hampton Falls, NH

Well, you were right, Maureen is a perfect match for me, I hope she thinks so too. We had a great two hours today that simply flew by (it’s a good thing Maureen set a timer . . . we were on a roll!). I never knew that two hours of math could be so rewarding. I’d been dreading this math for so long I had scared myself away from the work I need to do to complete my course and move forward in my new career. Thank you, Allison and Maureen, so very much. I can’t tell you what it feels like when the noose of fear loosens from my throat!

~Meredith (a math student) in Newington, NH

Dean exceeded our expectations in every way. He was extremely professional in all aspects of his interactions with us and our daughter. Dean communicates very clearly and he is an enthusiastic and encouraging partner to his students. Dean’s style of tutoring is constructive and focused. He provides information and strategy suggestions, but, more importantly, he gives students a morale boost that is invaluable. Dean’s confidence in our daughter made her feel very well prepared for both the SAT and AP tests. He is a truly gifted teacher and mentor.

~Parent of Berwick Academy Student