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No two students are alike, and therefore New England Tutors develops an individualized plan to help your student reach their fullest potential. We incorporate any work already done on an IEP or 504 plan. We can start from scratch for those looking for enrichment or gifted programs.



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Another great experience…..just wanted to let you know that Michael just received his scores for the May SAT test:  790 math, 700 verbal (including a 7/8 on the essay).  We were particularly thrilled with the growth in math score from Michael’s PSATs (680) to SATs (790), and appreciative that Don was flexible in his approach. He was able to focus on the questions with which Michael had the most difficulty on the PSATs and practice tests, and provide him with strategies for solving similar problems. The results were terrific.  Hoping you have a great summer. Best regards,  Laurie, West Newbury, MA

Charlotte will most definitely be ending the year on a high note, with an eye towards the future and excitement about moving onto 6th grade.  We are so grateful to Deb Moskevitz and the time and effort she gave to Charlotte over the last two years!  She really helped Charlotte change her whole mindset about Math, giving her a renewed sense of purpose and confidence in the subject.  She helped erase deficiencies she had, and even pushed her to do (and even want to do!) more challenging work.  We were not willing to say goodbye to her, but rather see you later – with the hope that we can contact you/her should future Math challenges arise.  Charlotte is going to Derryfield next year, so we shall see!  Stacy, Newfield’s, NH


With You Every Step of the Way

Achieving personal goals is unique to each individual. We celebrate your diversity and embrace your challenges as our own. We promise to stay with you and change as your goals change to achieve ultimate satisfaction. Whether mainstream, gifted, learning challenged, brain injury recovery or unmotivated, we have the experience to make a difference!


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