Success Stories

I just wanted to reach out to let you know what a fantastic match you made when you paired Laura with Lizzy.  After a rough year, Laura has been an amazing influence and welcome breath of fresh air for her.  She is absolutely fantastic!  I just wanted to let you know, you have a wonderful organization and we couldn’t have asked for a better match. As the school year begins to come to a close, we will miss working with her.    Very best regards.

Lisa N.

Dover, NH

Don has been such an amazing and positive influence in not only in my son’s life, but our lives.  Our son has grown so much as a student under don’s tutelage.  He has learned to be patient, and to persevere.  He has learned that he can do this and mostly he has learned to have confidence in himself.  You have accomplished so much in such a short period of time. We will be forever grateful for the impact you have had on his life, not only academically but personally.  This is the year that he could see finally a future for himself.  You encouraged him, pushed him and inspired him to be the best that he could possibly be. Words can never express what you have accomplished.  Thank you!
Cathy and Michael

Portsmouth NH

Charlotte will most definitely be ending the year on a high note, with an eye towards the future and excitement about moving onto 6th grade.  We are so grateful to Deb M. and the time and effort she gave to Charlotte over the last two years!  She really helped Charlotte change her whole mindset about Math, giving her a renewed sense of purpose and confidence in the subject.  She helped erase deficiencies she had, and even pushed her to do (and even want to do!) more challenging work.  We were not willing to say goodbye to her, but rather see you later – with the hope that we can contact you/her should future Math challenges arise.  Charlotte is going to Derryfield next year, so we shall see!

Newfield’s, NH

I am very grateful for the opportunity that NE Tutors gave my son this year in Math. He is in advanced math but it was still a challenge for him. James was a great tutor; he went above my expectations as well as NE Tutors. Over the years I have heard so much about these programs and was hesitant to look into it. I am very grateful that I looked past the comments and stereotype of tutors. This was fantastic and it was a very positive opportunity for Nathaniel. Although some days after being in school and then coming home and knowing his tutor would be coming was not always the priority, when James showed up he was very happy. They connected well and I thank you for the match. I will definitely recommend and hope to use your services in the future.

Manchester, NH

Liam was so happy and relieved after your session. He said, “I wish she was coming more than once a week” – and later he said “That was literally the most productive I’ve ever been”! He said you explained it in a way he understood and he feels so much better now, knowing he can actually do it!
Thank you!!

Barrington, NH

I would like to say thank you for everything you have done for Sara and myself. You worked with me on the finances and found a great tutor, Kristine, to work with Sara. Sara has come so far with help from Kristine and as I said before we are genuinely grateful for New England Tutors services. Sara has gone from a C average to an A-!!! Her confidence is higher and her attitude toward math is much more positive now.


Dover, NH

I want to take a moment to let you know how thrilled Jacob and I are with Cindy.  She’s amazing!  Such a blessing to our family, helping Jacob so much to succeed with school and in life!  She goes above and beyond with him and I can tell she truly cares for him and his success.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about her.  I just thought it was important that you know how wonderful she is and to thank you for bringing her into our lives.

Merrimack, NH

I have to say we absolutely LOVE Beth! She has done such a fantastic job with Julia! She taught Julia more these past few weeks than the school did with months of title 1 math services! Thanks again for your help and sending Beth our way.

Manchester, NH

Our goal for Teddy was to get him off his IEP and back into the mainstream classroom. We have achieved our goal. Eric and I would like to thank you for attending Ted’s IEP meeting. We truly appreciate all of your support and care. You certainly go above and beyond. We are blessed to have met you and Scott our tutor. To have such sincere people in all of our lives!

Londonderry, NH

I wanted to tell you that Justin is performing better in school, reading more of his instructions, retaining what he reads and understanding more of his math from the beginning. Samantha is amazing, and I wanted you to know that. She has a wonderful ability to reach kids and really help them to understand their studies and the process of studying. But I am sure anyone of your tutors is just as fantastic. Having a tutor has proven fantastic for Justin and we would really like it to continue to keep him on top of his studies.

Deerfield, NH

Alex is very quiet, shy, and was diagnosed with ADD earlier in the year. So he really needed to find someone special to meet his needs. Allison came and met with Alex one-on-one, tested him, and found the perfect match and level of studies for him. Our tutor was a God send to my son! He always looked forward to her to coming every week and she really got him interested in doing his work. She brought in all kinds of different media for him to work and studied with. Alex still talks about her and how much fun he had working with her. Thanks again to New England Tutors, you helped Alex with his self confidence and pride and in the end a great running start to 2nd Grade.


Hampton, NH

Just wanted to let you know that Michael just received his scores for the May SAT test:  790 math, 700 verbal (including a 7/8 on the essay).

We were particularly thrilled with the growth in math score from Michael’s PSATs (680) to SATs (790), and appreciative that Don was flexible in his approach. He was able to focus on the questions with which Michael had the most difficulty on the PSATs and practice tests, and provide him with strategies for solving similar problems. The results were terrific.  Hoping you have a great summer.


West Newbury, MA

I am extremely pleased with New England Tutors. Within days of reaching out to Allison Neal regarding my sixth grade daughter’s transition into a private middle school, we had set up a meeting and initial assessment. In a matter of weeks, Allison had matched us with an exceptional tutor. The tutor, who is also a full time sixth grade English teacher in NH, has been working with our daughter for three months now. We have seen improvement in her grades and confidence level. I would highly recommend New England Tutors.

Amherst, NH

Over the last year, I’ve had the great fortune to partner with New England Tutors in support of my elementary school age son. The leadership in Allison is supportive, collaborative, accommodating and professional. The tutoring with Deb is uniquely suited to my son’s needs and style. Lastly, the Executive Function coaching and Advocacy work in Cindy is unparalleled. Beyond truly enjoying our partnership, most importantly, my son is demonstrating marked academic improvement and a continued love of learning. I put countless hours of researching into finding a team who could address my son’s needs and those of our whole family. New England Tutors met and continues to meet the challenge. With endless gratitude!

Greenland, NH

We are so pleased with the progress Alex is making. Alex just had NWEA testing last week. He still needs to finish the writing portion but he had a very positive attitude towards taking the exams. Usually he leaves for school before testing with a worried almost defeated attitude. Not this time. He seemed to think they were good marks because the teacher told him he did a great job. Also, his teacher sent a note home to tell us that Alex worked very hard. That in itself made us extremely pleased. Tonya has had a very positive influence on Alex. I asked him today what he thinks of Tonya. He said he loves her and thinks she the best. He said, “she makes me laugh, mommy”. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we couldn’t be happier. Thank you for sending Tonya to us.

Dunbarton, NH

I have to give all of the credit to Professor Palmer because he was great. He really helped me decipher the text into a language that I could understand and apply to real life. I know that without his help I would have dropped the class and had no confidence in taking it again and probably looked at changing my career path. I now have the confidence to take me through my future classes… Professor Palmer is a great asset to have to your company and I know that he will be able to help many more students in the future. It has been a great pleasure dealing with the both of you!

Dover, NH

Our tutor came to our home and hit it off with our son. Brigid employed the use of tri-colored dice to help our son to sound out words. At the end of the first session, he was reading simple Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words! I was in the next room and after I heard him reading a few words, I had to come in. I couldn’t believe it – it was literally like a key had unlocked whatever was in his brain and it suddenly made sense to him. I swear I am not lying when I say that I had tears in my eyes. Homework has gone from being an anger-filled hour long process to 15 minutes of quiet time together. He no longer whines in the morning that he doesn’t want to go to school. When he is in the classroom and being taught something new, he is able to refer back to the methods he learned from his tutor.

Newfields, NH

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