Make the Most of Summer for Fall Success

April vacation is over and summer is tapping on our doors. The weeks ahead will pass quickly and there’s a lot to consider regarding summer learning opportunities for your student(s). Protecting them against the “summer slide” is more important than ever. Many students are facing the effects of COVID-19 on all aspects of their learning (social, emotional and educational). State standards have stayed the same and with undefined fall expectations it’s going to be important to capitalize on this time in a way that is best for your student’s unique needs.

While it’s easy to give into the temptation to take the summer off, now is the time to be creative about ways to incorporate some activities that will build your student’s skills and confidence. Of course, still have fun! Here are some quick tips to help you:

Check in with your student’s teacher

Reach out to your student’s teacher(s) and let them know that you are going to dedicate some time to learning over the summer. Explain that you want to focus on critical areas that will help to set them up for success next year and that you would appreciate any recommendations they can provide to help you make the most of this time. Ask them:

  • What should I have my child focus on over the summer?
  • Are there any age-appropriate executive skills that I can help him/her with? 
  • Can you recommend some creative ways to engage my child in these specific areas?
  • Are there any resources such as web sites, summer workbooks and books that you recommend? 

Check in with your student

Some of the best insight can come from your student. Ask about their current school work and listen to understand what they are excited about and what frustrates them. You may be able to identify some common concerns, needs, interests, opportunities and challenges. While you are talking, this is also a great opportunity to acknowledge their hard work and perseverance. If you want to be more direct, you could ask: 

  • How did you surprise yourself at school this year? 
  • What is your favorite subject? Least favorite? Why? 
  • Are you finding anything easier than expected? or more challenging than expected?

If you are considering a tutor, meet our new tutors below. We also offer complementary consultations and assessments.  

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Navigating SAT / ACT Requirements

Did you know? SAT/ACT tests last took place in the Fall of 2020. Then, most colleges and universities eliminated the test requirements due to COVID. While many higher education institutions saw an increase in applications because this requirement was removed from the equation, the total number of college applications received significantly declined.

Now what? It’s unclear whether institutions will reinstate the SAT/ACT requirements, especially now that they have been through an admissions process without them. We’ll continue to share what we learn. In the meantime, SAT test dates have been scheduled for this coming August 28 and dates are forthcoming for October, November and December. Summer is a great time for your student to focus on SAT prep as they don’t have the pressure of regular schoolwork.

Contact us for more information on ways to help your student with their SAT prep. 

Meet Our New Tutors – Ready to Help

We have tutors throughout NH, MA and ME 

Susan B. received her B.A. in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Louisiana Lafayette. She has been tutoring and teaching all levels of math, K-college, since 2015. Her expertise is in Algebra – Calculus. In addition to her experience tutoring students living with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysphasia, Anxiety and Depression, Susan has also taught math and French to homeschool students in grades K-10.

Charles G. received his B.A. in Adventure and Wilderness Leadership from Johnson State college and his M.A in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix. He has been tutoring and teaching grades K-12 since 2009. In addition to directing YMCA counselor trainings for teenagers, he was a behavioral specialist and has found success supporting students with diverse needs and abilities.

Samuel R. received his B.A. in English from Oklahoma State University.  He is currently finishing his master’s degree in English at the University of New Hampshire with the goal of becoming a teacher.  Sam has been student teaching and tutoring since 2018.

Rachel D. received her B.S. in Sociology from UNH. She is certified to teach English as a second language and is currently starting her M.Ed work at UNH. Rachel has been teaching and tutoring since 2016 with Seacoast Reads, Helen Doron School in Italy and Zebra English International. She has been a mentor/camp counselor and enjoys seeing her young students excel.

Jaden J. received her B.A. in Mathematics with a concentration in Teaching High School from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She also earned her Masters in Secondary Education from UNH. Jaden has been tutoring and teaching since 2014. Jaden is especially interested in STEM and works well with students struggling in the areas of math and science.  

Kate S. received her B.A. in English with a minor in Spanish from Hamilton College. She has been tutoring and teaching high school and adult students since 2011. Kate specializes in English/Language Arts (reading and writing), SAT prep and recently received her certificate as an Executive Skills Coach. She also helps with college essays.

Summer Training: Executive Skills Coaching

Learn the fundamentals of executive skills coaching AND how to use this model to help students learn the process and skills that allow them to work toward their goals.

WHO: Educators, private tutors or coaches, parents

WHAT: 3-week (12-hour) workshop consisting of 4 hours of video training and 8 hours of “live” Zoom classroom training with the master coach

August 3 and 5 (pre-recorded videos can be watched anytime during your week)
August 10, 12, 17 and 19 (live zoom classroom)

WHERE: Location of your convenience.

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