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We recently stumbled upon a fantastic no-cost educational resource that we have to share, This engaging resource can be used by anyone who is involved in the educational process – parents, grandparents, teachers and tutors. 

Whether your student is learning in a remote, hybrid, in-school or homeschool model, can help you support them while also providing new experiences and perspective. Their materials include videos, teacher guides, assessments and sub-plans for grades K-12 and beyond. 

We had the pleasure of learning more from one of their team members and have provided an overview of their offerings below. 

“With the new school models we are now experiencing as a result of COVID-19, is a remarkable resource. Every educational video or piece of material is intentionally aligned with every state’s standards as well as national standards,” explained Dean Graziano, J.D., VP of Education at and also an alumnus of the NE Tutors team. “Our PBS-quality educational materials foster critical thinking, teach scientific methodology and empower students with civil discourse skills.

Here’s what offers…

Content Expert Insight
One of the unique features of is that they bring in experts to explain, share and provide expertise to help students understand and appreciate topics. Imagine your student learning from content experts such as Pulitzer Prize winning author Joe Ellis or descendants of historical /political personas including Lynne Jackson, great, great granddaughter of Dred Scott and Keith Plessey, great grandson of Homer Plessey.

Educational Videos
Free streaming and downloading.

Teachable Moments
Short videos with right-to-the point lessons.

Teacher’s Guides
Prepared lesson plans, vocabulary words, discussion questions, writing prompts, activities and more.

Current Events Lessons
Keep your student up-to-date on what’s happening in the world, and sneak in some reading comprehension practice and awesome vocabulary words. There are also discussion topics and debate starters.

The videos are also paired with online, auto-scored quizzes that are graded for you.

Learn more about each of these areas.


We asked Dean what parents are saying and he shared the following…

I appreciate you sharing It’s a hidden gem of valuable information and resources! AND it’s free! With the shift to online remote learning and supporting my child at home, has been our families go to for deeper understanding. In today’s political climate and culture, it’s been a challenge to help my children develop their own sense of citizenship. The PBS 3-part mini series on the US Constitution was critical in supporting myself with thoughtful discussions based off the teachers guide and support in critical thinking for my children. is our families go-to for all things education!

Tracy W.

NH Parent

I am teaching my child from home and have recently become familiar with your company and the host of resources from my son’s primary teacher. The videos are well done, and we’ve already watched Becoming Equal Under The Law and Supply, Demand, and Price. What I appreciate most are the supplemental materials that coincide with the video lessons. I am not a teacher by profession, but it’s reassuring these materials are developed by teachers to be used by anyone, and they are! Please keep up the good work and thank you for offering wonderful resources without a cost or hidden registration fee.

Michelle W.

MA Parent

We hope you and your student enjoy this new resource for your teaching toolbox.

Get started today using the appropriate option that describes your education role. There are brief tutorials to help you get started and incorporate the various resources.

We understand and appreciate that your educational needs are changing. Our team is here for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We understand and appreciate that your educational needs are changing. Our team is here for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us

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