New England Tutors is happy to share with you that we’ve partnered with Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt at 218 State Street in Portsmouth, NH to bring your student an opportunity to earn free FROYO as part of Orange Leaf’sOunces for A’s” program! Orange Leaf is one of the fastest growing frozen yogurt franchise companies in the business with over 300 locations nationwide. Each location is locally owned and operated.

Once your student’s report card is released, scan it or snap a photo and send it to us (allison@netutors.com), and we’ll send you a certificate to receive free yogurt! The certificate is redeemable only at the Orange Leaf in Portsmouth, NH (218 State Street), or Dover, NH (421 Central Avenue), and is good for up to 6 free ounces of frozen yogurt. Each “A” on the report card is good for once ounce of yogurt. Elementary students must show the equivalent of an “A” if letter grades are not in use at the school.

We hope that as many students as possible are able to get rewarded for their hard work, which is why this offer is available to all students, regardless of whether you are working with New England Tutors or not. Just send us your report card, and we’ll send you a certificate – it’s that easy!

Attention Teachers and Educators! We’re sure that you know students who deserve a frozen treat, so send us a message and we’ll get certificates to you that you can authorize for all of your students who’ve earned A’s on their current report card.OrangeLeaf_books

Visit New England Tutors at and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/NewEnglandTutors.

And look for our SAT Jeopardy game coming in May, also in partnership with Orange Leaf.



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Get some great learning toys and support a local charity, Camp CARD NE. Click here…..
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