College Admission Hurdle

iStock_000012883281_LargeInspire, Challenge and Advocating for all our students is at the core of how we approach each individual and their learning style.  Getting into the college of your choice is a process that can be confusing and daunting and overcoming the college admissions hurdle begins here.  New England Tutors can be your educational GPS.  We offer one-on-one support for the student with a challenging schedule.


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Joshua Bartlett addressing the cost of college today.


SAT & ACT Tutoring

While these standardized tests are but one part of the application process, doing well on either, or both, will greatly enhance your chances of acceptance by the college of your choice. Regardless of the weight placed on scores by colleges for admission, they are still important for merit/academic scholarships and financial aid. Like anything, practice makes better…and SAT & ACT testing is NO DIFFERENT! Learning test strategies, understanding how the test-makers design questions (what they are asking for), and building self-confidence are the keys to mastery.

New England Tutors offers one-on-one test preparation to best prepare your student for the test(s).  We do not offer small group programs as everyone’s needs are different and your money needs to be invested in your students’ specific needs.  We make one-on-one affordable and often less expensive than the brand-name, one-size-fits-all, group classes.


College Essay Writing Assistance
The college essay “speaks” to the Admissions counselor. Depending on the school, thousands of applications are submitted — but what MAKES YOU DIFFERENT is what matters! SAT scores, G.P.A.’s, extracurricular activities may be equal for many applicants. The college essay is about you personally, in your own words. An outstanding essay is the element that could get you noticed, and ultimately accepted!
College Application Assistance

From college selection, essay assistance, FASFA form help, to interview preparation and even joining you on college tours- New England Tutors is with you every step of the way.


College Advising

College advising is an art and a profession that takes years of training and studying.  While New England Tutors does not currently offer a College Advising program we know that it is an extremely important part of your college journey.  We’ll only refer the very best to our students and have found two great resources for you.

  • Alison Forbes of Forbes Educational Consulting to be one of the best.  For a more comprehensive approach to college advising please visit Alison’s site at
  • Rebekah Elmore of PEAK College Consulting, Independent Education Consultant, visit her website at
  • Joshua Bartlett of Accolade Financial helps you navigate the costs, scholarship potential, and how to prepare for the big investment.  You can find Josh at


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