Significant Challenges in Education

This is the second in a series of blogs on some significant issues in education in the US. It is about the “teacher shortage” in the US. Why did I put that in quotes? Well, because if you look at the literature and follow the media, and if you talk to teachers and to...

Challenges in Education 2017 Beyond

Today I am starting a series of blogs on some significant issues in the US. Education of our youth as this has been a topic of conversation across the board and the newly released Federal Budget promises to add more fuel to what has become a fiery issue. Since...

Math- You Can’t Just Love It or Leave It

Somewhere, back in the deep, dark reaches of our memories, lies that most scary of monsters. It causes nightmares, even when we’re grown up. It triggers waves of fright and anxiety. It is our most terrible memory of our school years. The MATH problem! Boo! OK, I hope...

Executive Skills Blog Series – 4

In this discussion of Executive Skills, we’ll take a look at just what these skills are, what ES weaknesses look like and some strategies for managing and teaching them. Peg Dawson, Ed.D, with whom we are working to develop this new program, gives examples of what...

Executive Skills Blog Series – 3

In last month’s blog, Part 2 of our Executive Skills series, I promised some more definitions. Here they are. But don’t skip this Part 3 just because I used the word “definition”…it contains important information. The first important bit of material I want to get into...

Executive Skills Blog Series – 2

This is the second in a series on Executive Skills, a new program that New England Tutors is offering. Peg Dawson, Ed.D is working with us on the program. First of all, what are Executive Skills? I’ll let Peg give the definition, since it is so “right on the money.”...
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