Terms of Service

  •     TUTORS: It is understood that New England Tutors, LLC will do all it can to find a suitable tutor in a reasonable time as defined by New England Tutors. Tutor availability varies depending on season, subject, and type of tutor requested. All tutors are screened, and qualified. It is mandated that all tutors file a criminal background check and provide New England Tutors, LLC. office with original documentation.
  •     SESSION CANCELLATION: You must contact the New England Tutors office for cancellations. We require a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours notice to cancel a session. Regular charges will apply if notice is not provided for said session. You are permitted two (2) cancelled sessions per month, with proper notice. If tutor or Head office cancels session you will not be responsible for payment.
  •     GUARDIAN: A chaperone such as a parent, legal guardian, etc., defined as a person at least eighteen (18) years of age, must be present during each tutoring session with any minor, defined as any student under the age of eighteen (18) years of age. If tutoring takes place in a public facility (library, school) a guardian’s presence is not required.
  •     AGREEMENT COMMENCEMENT: It is understood that tutoring sessions cannot begin unless one month’s payment has cleared.
  •     DEPOSIT: It is understood that a tutor match will not be researched unless a minimum of two hundred dollars ($200.00) has cleared.
  •     SOLICITATION of New England Tutors, LLC Tutors: Tutors contracted through New England Tutors, LLC have agreed, in writing that they are not allowed to accept direct employment or referrals from New England Tutors Clients. Solicitation of services with a New England Tutors tutor, except through New England Tutors may result in legal action and damages against you.
  •     REFERRAL PROGRAM: Earn your choice of a $25 Gift card of choice or one hour of tutoring for each referral that results in a new family enrollment. A minimum of one payment to New England Tutors must clear to qualify.
  •     NSF PAYMENTS may result in the termination of this agreement and is at the sole discretion of New England Tutors, LLC. A replacement payment of cash, certified check or money order plus a charge of thirty dollars ($30.00) must be received within five (5) business days to the New England Tutors office after receiving the NSF notification. Stopped Payments are treated the same as NSF Payment.
  •     TUTOR REPLACEMENT: Parents, Guardians and Mature students may request change of tutors. No charge per change will apply. A waiting period may be necessary as a new match recruit must occur. It is understood that New England Tutors can switch tutors as deemed necessary and client will not be charged.
  •     TRANSFERABLE SERVICE: It is understood that all tutoring hours purchased by a family are nonrefundable. However hours are transferable to alternate tutors for alternate subjects as deemed necessary.  Parents, Guardians and Mature student can reserve hours or place tutoring on hold for alternate courses or transfer them to other family members as long as proper notice has been given in writing a minimum of fifteen (15) days prior to the tutoring stop date. Payment plans must be completed as agreed, however hours owed to the client will not expire.
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Get some great learning toys and support a local charity, Camp CARD NE. Click here…..
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