Professional Development

For Parents, Students and other Professionals

New England Tutors’ goal is to see that every student is inspired, challenged, and supported at all ages and abilities. To achieve this goal, and to reach as many students as possible, we have designed specialized training courses for Teachers, Case Managers, Therapists, Administrators, Para-Professionals, and even Parents, to help everyone work better with students.

In-Service Development Programs

Executive Skills Coaching

Peg Dawson, ED.D. will facilitate this dynamic course focusing on how to coach students with executive skills deficits. The course emphasizes the unique differences of coaching versus tutoring or strategy instruction to help students succeed. By introducing the concept of “recognizing how to learn by understanding the process of learning”, executive skills coaching reaches far beyond other student support services.  The course uses The Work Smart Academic Planner, developed by Peg. This 6-part course meets once a month for 2 hours. Each class provides detailed instruction, useful tools and a variety of methods that are effective.

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Executive Skills for the Paraprofessional

Introduction to Executive Skills Coaching for High School Paraprofessionals

*May also be offered as two 2-hour workshops

Workshop Description

Executive function skills are brain-based skills that govern our ability to manage time, organize, initiate and attend to tasks, plan ahead, set goals, self-regulate, and self-reflect. In this workshop that includes lecture, discussion, and practice, paraprofessionals will learn practical intervention and coaching techniques to help high school students build executive skills so that they may find greater success in school and in life. The workshop emphasizes the paraprofessional’s role in building a safe, supportive, ongoing mentorship with the student to help them to set and meet their goals. The instructor will share strategies to help maintain healthy communication and collaboration with a student, to help the student identify his/her strengths and challenges, set goals, make positive choices, and maintain a healthy mindset.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand how the development of executive function skills in people is related to brain development
  • Articulate why executive skills are not innate and why they must be taught
  • Understand the executive skills coaching model and how it differs from tutoring
  • Understand and add to their teaching toolbox a range of executive skills coaching techniques tailored to students’ specific needs and goals
  • Articulate how informed, disciplined executive skills coaching offers an effective intervention for students challenged by the demands of school and life

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