★★Getting Ready for the SAT or ACT Test(s)!★★

New England Tutors is offering numerous courses, individual work and mock tests designed to help your student achieve their very best. For additional information about all of the courses we offer please visit our Course Registration page!


August 26th

Has your student registered for the first ever summer SAT test?  This is a perfect time to take the test when your student doesn’t have as many competing priorities for their time.  Give us a call to schedule a 2 or 4 hour quick review.

September 8th

National Literacy Day!  Celebrated across America, this day focuses on special activities and events that showcase the importance of family literacy programs.  New England Tutors would love to sponsor your school’s event with book donations and/or school’s choice.  Give us a call today at 603.953.5025

October 2nd 

New England Tutors 2nd Annual Day of Development.  This years focus is Anxiety and Depression in our youth. NET has brought together Doctors and Specialists to present on several topics including how to recognize a student struggling with anxiety and/or depression, how to shift y0our teaching  approach to help this population, skills and tools to use in your everyday work, and  much more. Lunch will be provided.  To register click here


New England Tutors is proud to be a sponsor of Seacoast United for our third year.  We love working with some of the most committed and focused students around!  Give us a call for a special SCU rate.