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Austin17 House in collaboration with New England Tutors offers Homework Help to keep you on track for school success FREE and open to the public.  Donations welcomed.  Please register below.

Starting Wednesday, October 24th from 6pm-8pm.


2018 Mock SAT

January 19, 2019 – Mock SAT Exam


Mock SAT exam.  Registrar now for a FREE full length SAT exam to prepare you for the real thing in March.  You must pre-register, there is no charge.  This is open to the general public.  Our exam will be held at Austin17 House in Brentwood form 8:30-11:30 am.  Register early to reserve your spot. Pre-Register



Check Out Our 2018 Line-Up

If you’re planning on taking the SATs this Spring, these sessions are perfect for you!
sessions capped at 10 students each to better prepare you, so make sure you register early. Register for both the math and reading/writing classes and save $25!

SAT Prep

Reading/Writing Only $225 REGISTER

  • 1 pm – 3 pm
  • 6 hours of total prep time
  • Instructor: Brian Evans – Jones
  • Location: Dover, NH
  • August 14,15,22

Math Only $225 REGISTER

  • 3 pm – 5 pm
  • 6 hours of total prep time
  • Instructor: Brian Evans – Jones
  • Location: Dover, NH
  • August 14,15,22


Workshops for Students and Parents


Find Your Way Out of Your Backpack: How to Develop Your Own Personal Organizational
Approach and Be More Successful in School and Life

Ever feel like you’d be more successful in school if only you could get more organized, plan well, and stop procrastinating? In this 6-week once/week small group workshop, you’ll learn how to establish organizational systems that work for you and build skills to help you be more successful in school. Sessions include how to identify your strengths and weaknesses, organize your materials and study space,
how to choose and use a planner, how to manage your time, how to self-regulate behavior, and how to continually address areas of weakness and improve on your skillset. Each session will allow time for discussion and questions. Concurrent with and/or at the end of the workshop students may choose to work with an executive skills coach and/or content area tutor 1:1 for additional support. Limited to 5
students per group.

I Hate Homework! How to Help Your Child Make a Homework Plan and Stick to It

Do you and your child clash every time homework time arrives? For most parents, the answer is yes (sometimes a very strong yes), or at least “most of the time.” In this workshop, you will learn practical techniques for supporting your child with homework time, including how to help your child choose and manage a planner, how to monitor study space and time, how to scaffold greater independence with homework, and what to do when the plan fails. You will leave the workshop with practical tools you’ll be able to implement from day one. As part of the workshop, you will also receive a free half hour follow-up consultation with the instructor to provide you with further support.


Will My Child Ever Get Organized? Understanding Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents (A workshop for parents, educators, school administrators, counselors, and anyone else who supports children)

What are executive skills and how can knowing about them help you with understanding and supporting your child or teenager with a healthy approach to school and life? Dr. Peg Dawson, author of Smart but Scattered and Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents leads a talk and discussion facilitated by Sarah Ross, Program Director of Executive Skills Coaching for New England Tutors. After the talk, attendees will have the skills necessary to help your child identify strengths and challenges and bolster weak skills, get organized, manage time well, follow through on tasks, self-reflect, and learn from mistakes and disappointments.


Why Failure is Important: How to Help Your Child Understand the “Gift of Failure”

(A workshop for parents and caregivers.)
When children and adolescents struggle, parents often want to do everything within their power to rescue them from failure. Some may complete their child’s unfinished homework, rush into school with it when schoolwork is forgotten at home, call and email teachers about every low grade, or attempt to manage the dynamics of their children’s friendships. As much as we’d like to protect our children from failure when parents are overprotective and overbearing children also miss an opportunity to become self-reliant. How can adults help children to be in charge of their own lives, to support and trust them as they develop their own techniques for self-management and resilience? What does it look like to be an advocate and loving presence without hovering? In this talk and discussion, parents will learn why it’s important to allow their children to fail – that in fact, failure may become, as author Jessica Leahy notes, “a gift” or an opportunity – and practical techniques for providing support.

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