Senior Timeline

SeptemberCheck in with your guidance counselor to review your final list of schools and ensure your transcripts are accurate. Plan and attend your final college visitsSeptember 6 is your registration deadline for the October 5th SAT testSeptember 20th is your...

Gen Z Success Relies on Executive Skills 

The majority of today’s school-age students belong to the Gen Z population, those born between 1995 and 2010. They have been defined as the largest generation in the U.S. In fact, come 2020 they will represent 40% of the population. The Internet has always been a part...

Deficient EF skills and Intelligence are not mutually Exclusive

Jamie Barber, Executive Skills Coach, New England Tutors According to researchers Friedman, et al. in their article “Not All Executive Functions are Related to Intelligence,” the executive functions of planning, decision-making, and self-regulation have long been...

Math- You Can’t Just Love It or Leave It

Somewhere, back in the deep, dark reaches of our memories, lies that most scary of monsters. It causes nightmares, even when we’re grown up. It triggers waves of fright and anxiety. It is our most terrible memory of our school years. The MATH problem! Boo! OK, I hope...

Executive Skills Blog Series – 4

In this discussion of Executive Skills, we’ll take a look at just what these skills are, what ES weaknesses look like and some strategies for managing and teaching them. Peg Dawson, Ed.D, with whom we are working to develop this new program, gives examples of what...

Executive Skills Blog Series – 3

In last month’s blog, Part 2 of our Executive Skills series, I promised some more definitions. Here they are. But don’t skip this Part 3 just because I used the word “definition”…it contains important information. The first important bit of material I want to get into...
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