Executive Function and Academic Success

A four-year old might like to read at home with mom and dad, but will he be able to sit through lessons with a teacher when he transitions to Kindergarten? A 10-year old seems to be able to keep up with her homework when it all comes from one teacher, but is she ready...

How to Explain Coronavirus to a Child with Anxiety

We all have a lot on our minds right now with the uncertainty of the Coronavirus and the shift to home-schooling This article, “How to Explain Coronavirus to a Child with Anxiety” was published by ADDitude Magazine and offers some useful tips to help you...

Cheating Success

When the pressure to succeed is over-shadowing the purpose of learning, help your child understand their personal definition for success. A student’s mother recently called me with concerns following an unexpected conversation with her son. He’s a hard working student...

The Developing Adolescent Brain

Why do some kids act as they do? Why do some seem to come from another world? Why is it so hard to reach some kids? At one time or another, probably every adolescent has had these questions asked of him or her. They are still being asked – and now we are beginning to...

Early Intervention: It’s Never to Late

Executive Skills Master Coach and mother, Jamie Barber, shares her personal insight and information as to why early diagnosis and early intervention can be a productive course of action for children who have impairments that may cause learning difficulties.  My son...
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Understanding Executive Skills Deficits
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Executive Function and Academic Success