Cindy ZiobrowskiCindy Ziobrowski, MS Ed. has devoted over 30 years working with children and adults with developmental disabilities. She received her Master of Science in Special Education from SUNY Albany and has participated in advanced training at the Autism Institute and the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities. Cindy currently serves as the Executive Director of the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities New England (CARD NE) in Maine. Learn more at

Cindy’s extensive educational experience led her to found Camp CARD New England, a nonprofit outdoor program for children on the autism spectrum. Under Cindy’s direction, Camp CARD NE has touched the lives of hundreds of children and families. By focusing on teaching social skills and educating communities in the practice of inclusion, Camp CARD NE helps developmentally disabled children and their parents “bridge the gap.” Camp CARD NE is considered a Blue Ribbon Camp, awarded by NASET (National Association of Special Education Teachers).

Cindy worked in public schools for 15 years in the field of Special Education. Her responsibilities included curriculum planning and IEP program development, as well as creating goal-specific strategies in compliance with state standards. Cindy is familiar with the wide range of disabilities and is considered an expert in autism.

Cindy is a member of numerous professional organizations, including the Autism Society of America, and holds professional certifications in Special Education, Reading, and Educational Consulting. Using a new curriculum she developed on autism etiology and treatment, Cindy teaches graduate education courses at Plymouth State University and the University of Southern Maine. Recently, Cindy served on the training task force for Autism Respite and Resource Outreach. Cindy is excited to be a part of the New England Tutors team working with special needs children. Her education and experience have brought great depth to our offerings.

Cindy has lived in York, Maine for 22 years. She resides with Walter, her husband of thirty one years and has 3 children – daughter Amy,18, Christopher, 23, and Robert, 28. Cindy has personal experience with what it’s like to be on the parent side of the special education process as she advocated for each of her children, who received support services.

Cindy and Walter are first time grandparents to Brielle, 18 months, who resides in CT with Rob and Kailyn.

Cindy is a dog lover and owns Belle, an 8 pound piebald colored doxie from Texas who works as a social therapy dog for Camp CARD NE.

You can reach Cindy at (844)-NETUTOR extension #703.

Camp CARDNE 2016 Weekly Goings On


Camp has been off to a great start! Quite a few of our campers are not in the Work experience program and it is so rewarding to see them put their skills into action! We have a new Work Experience camper-Jarod, 16, who comes to us from Farmington! Welcome Jarod!

Last week, we worked Tuesday and Thursday at the Ronald Mc Donald House in Portland ME.  This is something I really wanted to be able to do as I spent a month in Baltimore at the Ronald Mc Donald House during my granddaughter’s stay at John Hopkins Medical Center. It can be very lonely and sad to be in this type of situation, and the people who work and volunteer at these places make a world of difference! Our group accomplished a lot in two days– here’s the list:

  • Weeding
  • Sidewalks clean up- sweeping, picking up and emptying dirt
  • Blueberry cobbler and chocolate cookie bars
  • Cleaning rooms
    • 2 bathrooms
    • Sitting room
    • hallways
    • Dining room
    • Toy room
    • Kitchen
      • Vacuumed
      • Washed floors
      • Door handles and light switches disinfected
      • Chairs polished
      • High chairs cleaned
      • Tables wiped down
      • Counters and cabinets washed,
      • Laundry

WHEW! Ray Ruby, the Director was very pleased and impressed with the quality of the work and how polite and hardworking our campers were. So were we! We talked about how important it is for people like us to come and offer help to places like this. And because there is always something that needs to be done, everyone has a talent to offer! We encourage families to sign up to volunteer a few hours at a local organization. You can even have opportunities emailed that match your preferences at:

Our weekly hot dog stand opened last Wednesday- it was a sweltering 92 degrees! Our campers were a little rusty, but got into the swing of things in no time. The donations from the stand go to our scholarship fund and help off set the cost of camp. Thank you! 

This week began with two new campers, Josh B. and Jen C. Josh was the winner of the raffle at Nana’s kids for one free week of camp-and he came all the way from Arkansas! Yep, lucky for us he has an Aunt who lives here and so Josh will be with us for 2 weeks. Jen C. comes from Derry NH, not quite as far as Arkansas, but still a drive! We welcome both of them.

We have a new work site this year=Lobster in the Rough. We are very excited to be able to use this site as a training ground, it offers so many soft work skills that our campers can transfer when they move to full time employment! More about that later.

Yesterday we create clouds that rained beautiful rainbow colors and conducted several other science experiments with the younger campers. They really love to do this and it focuses so many social skills, all while having fun! We finally went to Harbor Beach yesterday- it was a spectacular day! The campers went crabbing and swimming- yes the water was ‘warm’ by Maine standards! I walked the Cliff Walk with Andrew and took in the beauty of the summer! We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful community and a shout out to St Georges Church for so graciously hosting our program again this year!

Hot dogs today! Stop by on your way to the beach! We look forward to seeing you!


Happy Summer from Hannaford



It’s Finally SUMMERTIME!



The Hannaford Helps Reusable Bag program is designed to include the active participation of the stores, consumers and of course, the monthly benefiting Causes.

Through this great collaboration of efforts we will continue to see the success of the program and its impact.

It’s common knowledge that the health of the environment and the funding for nonprofits are just 2 major challenges facing our communities. Together, we will face these challenges and continue to help eliminate disposable bag usage while simultaneously funding the area Causes that are the backbone in the communities we call home.  Go YOU!

Introducing our Featured Cause:

Camp Card

campcardSupport through the Hannaford Helps Reusable Bag program is helping the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities New England (CARDNE) to continue offering a unique summer experience to teenagers with autism and related disabilities. CARDNE Executive Director Cindy Ziobrowski plans to use the $1,042 raised at the York, Maine, Hannaford from January through March to support the center’s Work Experience Camp. This camp allows teens 16 and older with social skill deficits to do meaningful work within the community and earn a paycheck.

We asked Ziobrowski to share more about the camp’s mission and the impact of the Hannaford Helps Reusable Bag program.



On the camp experience: 

Kids on the spectrum and with social skill deficits are the most underemployed population … (They have) some type of disability that in a typical work environment, they would not be successful. We understand how challenging things can be and now use coaching strategies to help teens realize their potential. This is done by (having the teens work) within the community, doing purposeful work.

We try to get them before they get too discouraged. They also receive a stipend so that they get a paycheck, because kids their age do. To see their faces light up when they get a paycheck, it’s really cool. When September comes, our teens can talk about working and making money over the summer. This is a typical happening for their age group and now something our teens have also experienced.

Did the program help raise more awareness about your organization in your community?

It  definitely did. A lot of the area businesses put up flyers for me. What was really great about that was it gave me an opportunity to interact with some of the area businesses and let them know about the program so they can share that information. This started dialogues and encouraged people to learn more about our camp and what we can offer.